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You Can Still Vote in Elections for Israel’s (Secret) Government

Elections for Israel’s state government may be over, but the elections for Israel’s secret government are ongoing. Although most don’t know about it, every Jew in the world is eligible to vote for the World Zionist Congress, Israel’s little-known and poorly understood shadow parliament. And it’s been around longer than the state of Israel itself.


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We Need Green Rabbis

Which rabbinical school will lead the way by offering an academic focus in Jewish environmentalism? Which will be the first to eliminate landfill trash and recycle and compost all of its waste? And which will be the first to forsake fossil fuels and go carbon neutral?


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Vote today for a GREEN ISRAEL in the parliament of the Jewish people!

Best. Year. Ever. (And How You Can Make Next Year Even Better!)

As an environmentalist, looking back often involves reflecting on frustration and loss. But this has been a year of tremendous growth and success for us.


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Introducing Aytzim: Ecological Judaism

Since our founding in 2001, the Green Zionist Alliance has successfully worked for the declaration of new nature preserves, the planting of millions of trees, and the construction of hundreds of miles of bike trails. But today we are proud to announce a large expansion in our work. And with that we have a new name: Aytzim: Ecological Judaism.


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Introducing Shomrei Breishit: Rabbis and Cantors for the Earth

A Project of Aytzim and GreenFaith


The world is on fire and God is calling us to act. Rabbis and cantors are meant to wake us from torpor, evoke moral courage and speak in the tradition of the prophets. We need awakening now in the face of the climate crisis, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. In response, Ayztim and GreenFaith have formed Shomrei Breitshit: Rabbis and Cantors for the Earth, an international, multi-denominational network of rabbis and cantors providing a Jewish voice on climate change and environmental justice.


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Victory Against Fracking in Israel: David Beats Goliath

The Jerusalem District Committee for Planning and Building nixed a plan to exploit the oil shale of the Elah Valley, where David fought Goliath. The plan’s rejection serves to protect the water, land and air shared by Israelis and Palestinians.


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The Next Jubilee: A Vision for 2050

Theodor Herzl said that if you will it, it is no dream. What our Earth looks like in the next yovel, or jubilee, year will not happen by accident. Whether our Earth continues to heat up or whether we stem the tide isn’t predetermined — it’s actually up to us. While our present is what we make of it, our future, as Herzl taught us, will be what we make it to be. By our next yovel, if we choose, we can let climate change become the biggest problem ever faced in human history, or we can deal with it and assign it to the dustbin of history. The choice is ours.


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L’Dor V’Dor? Intergenerational Equity, Climate and the Jews

The Green Zionist Alliance this week joined five other faith-based environmental organizations, including GZA partner Interfaith Moral Action on Climate, in filing a friend-of-the-court brief in what’s known as the “Our Children’s Trust” case.


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What Would Herzl Do? Zionism and Muslim-Jewish Dialogue

What happens when Jews sit down in the same room with Muslims?


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Social Justice and Climate Change

When we think about climate change, we often think in terms of dramatic shifts in the natural world: melting glaciers, heat waves, tornadoes and earthquakes. One might think that changes in nature affect us all equally. But in fact, poor and non-white populations — both in the United States and around the world — disproportionately pay the price for our overuse of natural resources.


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Israeli Renewable Energy Policy

There is increasing evidence that the era of cheap, easily available energy is coming to an end; it may be time for another transformation that will harness new forms of energy to power our lives.


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The State of Organic Agriculture in Israel

You might think that Israel — where chalutzim, pioneers, throughout the 20th century broke their backs to make the land support a burgeoning population, and where the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is the country's largest membership organization — would be a natural haven for organic farming. But it’s not easy to make the desert bloom without chemical assistance.


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The Science of Climate Change

Climate is the average of the weather over time and space. But taking the average of a constantly changing and location-specific phenomenon is complex. Are we talking about a monthly average? Seasonal? Yearly? Of a county? A state? The northern hemisphere, or globally? Climate depends on the temporal and spatial domain you’ve selected so there isn’t just one climate.


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Tikkun HaYam: Saving the Sea

Hillel taught us that we can’t stand by idly, that no matter how great the task, we cannot desist from it. So we’re joining a team: The Green Zionist Alliance is proud to become the first Jewish organizational member in the National Religious Coalition on Creation Care. While NRCCC representatives come from different faiths, we all share the same core values, as well as the belief that our religions compel us to protect the Earth. And together we are developing an interfaith ethic of the seas. So far, we have met in Washington and Hawaii with leadership at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, members of Congress and policy advisers at the White House.


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The Energy Cost of Food

Through a series of chemical reactions, plants convert the sun’s energy into stored energy. Humans and other animals eat those plants, releasing their stored energy to power our bodies. Essentially, just as cars get energy from oil, we’re machines that process food for energy. The problem is that in our industrial agricultural system, our food also gets energy from oil.


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Israel has developed subsurface drip-irrigation systems that are even more water efficient than the conventional drip-irrigation systems that the country pioneered.

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